The Spark Seen ‘Round the World

Shhh!  Do you hear it? Did you see it? Can you discern it?  That spark;  One.  Little. Solitary.  Spark.

A spark is silent. If given the proper conditions, it can grow into a flame, and a flame into a fire, and a fire into a wildfire.

But it starts in silence.

A fire in a forest may seem destructive, but it actually cleanses and causes rebirth, new growth.

You don’t need fanfare- a ticket tape parade or marching band to announce your presence. YOU don’t need to announce your presence at all. Just BE. Be a Servant, be one who listens, sees and prays. Be a channel for the Holy Spirit to flow through. Live the life of one who stands in the gap.  Not afraid to be “unseen” by man. God sees you! The world is weary of our imitating them with our big name preachers, t.v. broadcasting our doings and yet we are not humbling ourselves under the mighty hand of God.

We are puffed up.  Much ado about nothing! Don’t fall into that. Just BE.  Know that there are other “firestarters”- those with revival seed in their bellies that want to strike.  Some are looking around to see if anyone is watching, others are looking to see if anyone else will join them. But a fire doesn’t work that way. Revival doesn’t work that way!  A spark needs friction. It won’t light without the proper conditions. flint, rubbing

The hearts are pre3b7d99a7b01971bdf23b2d8e75d0e704pared by the Lord; often using adversity to rough up the surface and prompt them to turn to Him.

A fire follows the path carved out by the power of the wind. Revival is sparked by repentance and prayer. And it is flamed by the power of the Holy Spirit- it is not to be tamed by man’s hand. It is holy.

Our part?  Repent. Pray. Worship and then go light our world through simple obedience!


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