Reset the Bones “A Call Back to True Christian Ministry”

I could not have said this better.  Check out this post:

A Call Back to True Christian Ministry

Especially the part about using “corporate strategies” instead of Biblical patterns and “self focused spa treatment”.  Whatever happened to “carry your cross”- “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” , and plain old humility? I guess that is now considered “old school theology”?? Call it what you like, but I am re-calibrating my belief standards and grinding off EVERYTHING that is not in the Word of God. Plain and simple. I BELIEVE in God;  HE believes in me. THAT is old school all the way back to the Torah!


“for the equipping of the saints for ministry…” – Ephesians 4:12

I was recently asked by a prospective Pastor, “What are the top three things you’d recommend I do when planting my Church?” At the time I basically shared, “The Bible, the Bible, and the Bible.” Yet, after reflection, I would have expanded on that by sharing what I’m sharing with you now.

When you walk into a Christian bookstore or peruse the top Christian books on Amazon, you’ll notice consistent themes. Firstly, there will be Christian books focused on a, “Better you.” The most frightening recent example is titled, “The Yoga of Jesus.” This is simply New Age transcendental humanism, better known as Oprah “Believe in yourself” theology, that has leaked into the Church. The second series of books you’ll observe will be about, “Leadership.” Those who seem to be successful due to subjective forms of creativity, scope, or…

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