In all your “Letting Go”, HOLD ON!

Let it go.

We are hearing that a lot lately. It is all over Pinterest. It is in conversations on T.V.

and of course a stanza from the popular Frozen movie song.

Letting go is good.

I did an in depth study of Psalm 46:10 many years ago.

The discovery of the meaning found there was a pivotal prompt in my walk with God.


THAT is the doing. Be, just “be”.

Not go, not declare, shout , sing, or say, not create, not fight;  BE.

It actually means “cease to strive” as in a tug of war.


The only way you can cease a tug of war is to let go of the rope!

That’s hard enough for most of us, isn’t it? But then He continues: “Be still”–  Oh, You want me to exercise even more discipline and BE +  still?  (Wow. You have more confidence in me than I do! )

Jerusalem was surrounded, threatened. God spoke not only to His people, but to the proud and bloated adversaries:


You who know Me, be still. Remember Who I Am.

You who seek to exalt yourselves, know that I, I alone, am GOD.

Are you tired?  Are you feeling like a dream or a promise is absolutely elusive?

Feeling overwhelmed or disillusioned?  Are you carrying something  in your heart that you feel is never going to manifest?

Let go of your worry. Let go of your striving; trying- to -work -it -out -make- it -happen- bring -success- to -your -side.


Let the consequences be out of your hand. SO, yeah, let it go.

If you have been tugging on a particular “rope” in your life for an extended time, your hands may have difficulty obeying that command.


Your grip  might be very familiar and your fingers temporarily frozen to that shape.

Letting go does not mean giving up.

It is not waving a flag of surrender to the enemy and his tactics. Yielding to the awesomeness of the Great I Am is not giving up. It is acknowledging your own limitations. That even your greatest expenditure of faith and dedication is not enough. Never was, never will be!


Rest assured that  if He is telling you to “let go; be still”, then He is about to act on your behalf.

So don’t be dismayed. HOLD ON to your belief,  the vision,  the promise.

But let go of the desire to control the timing or the outcome.

You are about to be amazed.  Awesome is a word that I reserve for God alone.

I love those moments when He shows up and shows off, don’t you?

Loosen your grip- open your hand.

Let go of the pebbles you’ve clutched so that He can fill your hands to overflowing.

LettingGo copy

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But as it is written: What eye did not see and ear did not hear, and what never entered the human mind– God prepared this for those who love Him.”

I Cor. 2:9

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