TEL TELESTI: No Exchange, No Return.


Tel  Telesti.

The work of the  cross cannot be undone!

In all the enemy’s  attempts to wreak havoc in the world and threaten Believers,

it’s the ONE thing that cannot be touched, moved, rearranged or undone.

It is utterly, unequivocally impossible! He has only a short time to try to discourage us.

A limited time.  And God, our Lion of Judah,  laughs. (Psalm 2:4)


So the next time you come against an attack, instead of automatically going into

Bible- Man-Rambo-tie-it all up- cast- it- all -out mode;

                                     stop and remember: Tel Telesti.      Remember that it is finished.


shalom       ; nothing missing, nothing broken.  All things accounted for.


tel telesti

Trust in Him. Count on it.

Allow the wave of  His joy to wash over you ’til it grows into a laugh.


God laughs at the enemy’s plans.           Join with me in the laughter, join  Him!

jesus laughingThe cross is your invitation to peace, to joy.


His ways are perfect. His days are infinite.


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