Stink, Sink or Float?

DISCLAIMER:   If you are a cautious Believer, deeply “religious” or
easily offended by frankness, you might want to reconsider the decision
to read this post!  Please don’t say I didn’t warn you. . .  😀

It’s inspiring to sing about oceans deep; but what about when He takes
you at your word and leads you out away from shore, piers, and without “floaties” or a
life-jacket?  What “floaties” are you wearing? 

What is keeping you above the waters?

     Last night I was cataloging the events of the past weeks making a sort of Life Catalog…

Most of us have things that we hope for, pray for, believe for, and trust the Lord to affect.  We ( my husband and I) do!

It can be a struggle to continue to encourage yourself in the Lord- you know, to order your words so that they are not contradictory to the very things you say you believe? 

The Holy Spirit once gave me a very firm command of “Govern yourself”; to this day I recall it when tempted to give in to the enemy’s taunts.

The  curmudgeon of  disappointment and discouragement who squats upon our doorstep, wanting to share his ill will with us does NOT get invited inside our home!


We have learned to not give him the time of day, nor let him steal our sight. Once he enters, everything takes on a film of despair.

And then it is difficult to rid oneself of his filthy, sulphuric rotten stench!  UGH!

Not even Febreeze is up to that challenge, lol!

    Were  I designing this “life catalog”, if you will, the pages would be much
different! Flourishes of great announcements of miracles,  a photo
collage of our many trips to the nations we hold in our hearts along
with flashy testimonies of breakthroughs, mountain moving faith and
dozens of new schools and Ministry training centers would tantalize the reader.

Those are
the things the Lord has spoken about to us. We have been prepared for these things.

And they are only part of what we carry, waiting to birth!

We are not new to this kind of lifestyle- we are former missionaries/pastors/educators/active military /risk takers.

We believe these things will  come to pass.

But in HIS TIME.

 Riptides come to every life, especially to Believers who are devoted to walking out the Lord’s plan for their lives. These contrary currents come and attempt to sink us.

They pull on us, they threaten us, it seems.

Our first instinct is to fight, to thrash, to direct our energy toward escape. That is THE LAST thing to do if we want to remain afloat and safely arrive to our destiny!

Living in Myrtle Beach for 9+ years, we were taught to swim with the riptide, parallel to the shore.  This is a great analogy of trust in the Lord. Once you dive in  to the commitment to obey and follow Him, you cannot swim back to your comfort zone. He promises to bring you to the other side of the situation…

“Your grace abounds in deepest waters

Your sovereign hand

Will be my guide

Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me

You’ve never failed and you won’t start now…”

Suddenly, an epiphany:

The lyrics to Christ be All Around Me– lit up like a lamp inside of me:
only when we are out in the deep, or walking through the dark blindly do
we know “***ABOVE   and  BELOW   me***: this means deep waters!
before and behind me, Christ be all
around me.”

Swimming out
in the deep teaches us absolute trust and dependence upon Him;  

stripping us of any subtleties of pride in our abilities to “stabilize”

“My soul will rest in Your embrace; I am Yours and You are mine”

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders  Let me walk upon the waters

Wherever You would call me  Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made stronger  In the presence of my Savior…”

It is humbling; but you don’t get His vastness, His sovereignty,
unless you are acutely, sincerely aware of your desperate need of it!

 “So I will call upon Your name

And keep my eyes above the waves

When oceans rise

My soul will rest in your embrace

For I am Yours and You are mine

I will call upon Your Name

Keep my eyes above the waves…”

We  will continue to prepare, listen, believe, move with His strategies,
and wear this mantle for as long as He desires; while exploring the
depths of His love and following the light of I AM. ♥

One thought on “Stink, Sink or Float?

  1. I love the riptide analogy! He won’t let us drown–He’s in complete control, but if He did, then it would be part of the plan–our time to go and be with Him–our purpose having been fulfilled. There are no accidents and nothing is beyond His ability to handle. Thanks for the great post!

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